RISE is a group of students at The Ohio State University, dedicated to the retention and Continued success of minority Engineering students, by providing a community of like minded individuals driven towards success.
President- Edwin W. Lee II : edwinleeii14@gmail.com
Major: Electrical Engineering (Nanotechnology, Electronic Materials and Photonics)
Hometown: Zachary, LA

Vice President- Shauna Adams: snadams89@gmail.com
Major: Mechanical Engineering (Micro and Nanofluidics)
Hometown: Hampton, VA

Treasurer- Derrick Amanor: amanor.1@osu.edu
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering (Power)
Hometown: Cleveland, OH

Communication/Publicity Chair- Harry Kennedy: kennedy.617@osu.edu
Major: Electrical and Computer Engineering (Electronics)
Hometown: Rochester, NY

Faculty Contact: Paul Berger

We are currently looking for a Parliamentarian and a Secretary.